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After $65 million and countless injuries to cast and crew, it looks like we’re going to keep waiting. If you hadn’t bought that pair of $300 tickets, you could have bought yourself an iPad.

WaPo Style leads off with a preview of tonight’s Birchmere show by Joe Boyd and Robyn Hitchcock. Boyd, the New Jersey-born English rock producer started playing with Hitchcock at 2007’s South by Southwest. Expect versions of songs by Syd Barrett, Nick Drake, Incredible String Band, and Bob Dylan.

Malitz saw Yelawolf at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel on Monday, writing that Eminem‘s Southern prodigy “opts for simple self-assurance over superstar swagger.”

The Kennedy Center released its 2011-2012 schedule yesterday, and Sarah Godfrey and Maura Judkis go all Statler and Waldorf on the more youthful dates on the calendar. First up is The Roots with John Legend. Really? Roots, we love you. You make Jimmy Fallon more palatable and you invited The Dismemberment Plan to your picnic. But seriously, what is the deal with John Legend? Am I going to have to stand outside the KenCen holding a boombox over my head blasting these songs?

Midwestern artists are joining the fight in Wisconsin. And NPR was hoodwinked into hot water.

Our Band Could Be Your Life celebrates its first decade as the punk-rock bible next month, and Ryan Little weighs going to the anniversary show at the Bowery Ballroom in New York.

And Click Track agrees thatis R.E.M.’s Collapse is listenable, but all the “best album since the Clinton era” hype might be exactly that. It’s R.E.M.’s best album since their last album.

Our deliverance from iTunes is only a day away, thanks to David Lynch. Internet, that’s winning.