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Revolutions, natural disasters, scandals, irrepressible subcultures … it’s crazy out there, people! Far Out vs. Hot Dang has your back, though. Remember: IT’S ALL LOVE.

“It’s managed to stay classically and quintessentially yuppie!” “douchebags, everywhere”
“Consider this installment of Fare Assessment our version of an Internal Affairs Bureau.” Marissa Payne / The Anti DC: “Kojo on NPR just now, ‘How hard was Adrian Fenty probed?’ Answer, ‘Pretty hard.'”
“The Kennedy Center hopes young people will like: Wayne Brady covering Sammy Davis Jr. and Sam Cooke” “There was only weirdness with cocky, young, idealistic D.C. punk kids who were more about the identity of being ‘punk’ — and what it meant in D.C. — than the music. And we just never really fit in with that, so as far as we were concerned, fuck ’em.”
“No topic is so concrete that this married couple can’t soften it with phrasing.” Excellent use of the word “boning”
“Four-piece sonic skull fuckery from DC.” “The whole event is basically making fun of them”
A special mission for Special Agent Galactica That’s a significant amount of FUCK YEAH
“We had never been offered the unsolicited help of a professor of testosteronology before. We were deeply moved.” “An artist respects another artist when performing on stage and gives them full attention. A nigger doesn’t.”