As I type this post, I’m on my sixth straight playback of “Too Hip-Hop,” Pro’Verb‘s autobiographical new single featuring yU of the Diamond District.

Maybe it’s the beat—-a meditative head-nodder of chopped piano samples and dynamic drums, held together by the persistent hum of gentle strings. You can thank Soulful!for that.

Or maybe it’s the confident yet unassuming way the MCs rhyme over the instrumental. (“Sicker than Earvin, Magic with the rock/They smell what I’m cookin’ cause it’s magic in the pot,” Pro’Verb raps.) yU also gets in on the act: “Lot of new schoolers foolish, focused on the units moreso than just the movement.”

Actually, it’s probably all of the above. “Too Hip-Hop” is as addictive as it is reflective, an impressive prelude to Pro’Verb’s While You’re Waiting mixtape, dropping next Tuesday.