WaPo, not only are we iffy on your website’s redesign, it also seems you’ve upset the RSS equilibrium. In addition to Fischer’s gripe, I’m also seeing entries marked “Featured Advertiser.” And as much fun as this—

—seems, it’s getting in the way, and I’m afraid now to browse Reliable Sources and accidentally click on your inevitable “featured” offer for discount antidepressants.

Last year’s Sweetlife Festival was a free, four- or five-act assembly of local acts masked as an excuse to buy some expensive salad and lousy frozen yogurt Pinkberry knockoff in a Dupont Circle parking. Yeah, that ain’t happening again. This year it costs $55 and a trip to Merriweather Post Pavilion to rock out “sustainably” with this lineup, headlined by The Strokes and joined by Girl Talk, Lupe Fiasco, Ra Ra Riot, Crystal Castles, and others. When salad hawkers tell you to “go green,” they’re not talking about Mother Earth.

Speaking of environmental initiatives that are sure to influence policymakers, the Environmental Film Festival is back. TBD has a “manageable guide” to this treehuggers’ fortnight, if “manageable” means your computer can queue up a few dozen YouTube videos on a single page. Mine could not, so here’s Matt Siblo‘s text-only preview.

Andrew Beaujon unmasks Franklin Schneider, the cheekiest contributor to DCmud, the oddball real-estate blog run by an actual real-estate agency. Schneider’s reply to Beaujon’s request for an interview: “fuuuuuuuck!!!!…what are you, in the market for a waterfront condo???”

The Post Style section leads off with Philip Kennicott‘s stark assessment of the images coming out of disaster-strewn Japan. First came videos of the earthquake and resulting tsunami—”immediate visions of horror, inundation, muck and destruction”—followed by images of the chaos unfolding at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, “the steady, fixed view of a faraway industrial plant, hazy, vague and remote.” Viewed together, Kennicott asks, “which is more frightful?”

Chateau Marmont: stop trying.

If you’re in Austin, Texas this week (for, you know, music and sending out obnoxious tweets), DC Does Texas, featuring Carol Bui, Typefighter, The Caribbean, and others starts at noon at Lovejoy’s on Neches Street.

Mike Madden finds strong evidence for what might be the worst bar mitzvah ever in this DIY Bieberism by Zachary Freiman, son of music producer and D.C. expat Scott Freiman:



BREAKING: Snoop Dogg sent out a series of heartbreaking tweets early this morning. R.I.P. Nate Dogg.

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