REVIEW OF FUNDAMENTALS: On one side are the deep thoughts, the reflections, the revelations, the oddballs, the paradoxes and the acid trips. On the other side are the conflicts, the punchlines, the flameouts, the retorts and the oh-wows. Or something like that. It’s Far Out vs. Hot Dang, people and it is THE FUTURE OF D.C. CULTURE JOURNALISM.

Afropolitan / iSayWord: “What celebratory dance is more ubiquitous than the Cabbage Patch?” “Someone told me I looked like a young Tonya Harding recently, as if ‘young’ would soften the blow.”
‘ZARDS How Does Underage Wizards Player John Wall Get Into D.C. Nightclubs?
” ‘Hipster moose’ has been a good topic.” Kristen Byrne: “I’m feeling like the Kool-Aid Man. big and sweet.”
“You worry about those vaccines. I worry about these 24-bit .wav files.” “He seems to skirt the problem of interpretation altogether by simply beating time and not taking any kind of stand on the content of what he is leading”
“His pterodactyl yelps may be slathered in delay here, but they’re no less bizarre” “it gives his otherwise purebred bebop style a certain R&B volatility that pierces the gut like a switchblade”
“He’s the person that I feared becoming if I had stayed in the Maryland area, working in retail, living alone, not having any friends and living a rich imaginary life.” “I don’t think go-go is what our community needs at this time.”
“Suppose that Earth was invited to join the Intergalactic Congress of Planets, and its chair-being, Zinglos-Atheling, wanted to know more about our strange species. What one person in history would you choose to best represent humanity?” “the young writers showing up in my classroom of late are of that generation that has always been told they are whatever they want to be . . . you know, with helicopter parents who send them to famous novelist summer camp the moment they put crayon to paper”
“It’s not just the panic of characters encountering rising water … it’s also the sense of stillness as you creep through the theater’s haunted house installation” Sarah Godfrey: “Access Hollywood airing segment on the difficulties of recreating a tsunami on a movie set. Who thought that shit was a good idea?”