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What you really wanna do is click around on this shit. But if you don’t wanna click around on that shit, then click around on Far Out vs. Hot Dang, because your cultural relevancy depends on this shit, too:

“pure aesthetic, with little to no detail paid to songcraft, stage presence or anything else that defines a band” “I guess I thought if I played Bo Diddley or NWA for my daughter she would like whatever I liked.
“through the practical magic of gayness” “Brown’s take-down of ‘pro-gay’ forces is so well-researched and mild-mannered that it threatens to dismantle the gay lobby once and for all!”
Catherine Lewis: “Seriously, don’t laugh at me for being a nerd and then tell me you’ve been unsuccessfully trying to figure this out for months. Not sexy.” TCB’s video: Too sexy, or not sexy enough?
Many, many pictures of Panjabi MC in the general proximity of yuppie cupcakes Maximum India Festival: Not Quite India-Approved!
“It was not just one thing. It was a stew of contradictions pulsing back and forth in private.” “We—the “emerging” playwrights—are fucking lazy.”
MAN SMOKING “Dude’s big. Also, dude’s sweaty.”
“Unless I do something incredibly dumb, I’m not out of a job anytime soon.” “People try to fuck you over less.”
“I thought, ‘Can we show that on TV?'” Lyriciss: “is it wrong that there’s 2 white families on ‘Family Feud’ so i’m automatically not that interested in this episode?”