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You’ve got big plans. Maybe too big. You’re working on something out of this world, literally. “It’s like a rock opera, but it doesn’t suck, and it’s in outer space,” you say to yourself. Sounds crazy, sure, but it just might work. It will be dark, full of melodrama, and, well, it’ll happen in outer space. Maybe you’ll eventually find a composer to work with you on some original material, but until then, here are three bold, heavy tunes to work into your epic tale of intergalactic star-crossed lovers.

An extended cut from psych-rockers The Doors ought to fit nicely into your work. This drawn-out version of “The End” catches Jim Morrison at his most self-indulgent. It’s practically a theatrical work as it is, and the trippy-yet-spacious arrangement naturally lends itself to a show in some other galaxy.

Wayne Coyne has always had a flair for the dramatic. The Flaming Lips‘ “Abandoned Hospital Ship” deftly combines his showmanship with the band’s more experimental tendencies in a manner that’s both accessible and still wildly adventurous. No doubt Coyne would share your affinity for exploring the universe.

D.C.’s Phonic Riot manage to pull off serious drama with only two members. Operatic vocals, tense percussion, and a healthy helping of reverb fill out the duo’s song “Run, Nikki Run.” Tonight you can catch the band performing at DC9.