Yesterday, Radiohead attempted to pass out some papers in D.C. We know how that went. The day before, on Monday, members of the cartoonists collective D.C. Conspiracy were also distributing their new newspaper for free—-in their case, at local Metrorail and MARC stations.

It wasn’t all perfect, of course. Rafer Roberts, the editor of D.C. Conspiracy’s paper, Magic Bullet No. 2, writes:

For the most part it was a mixed bag. Riders on the “end of the line” stops in Shady Grove and Takoma seemed a lot more receptive to the paper than those on the “end of the commute” riders of Foggy Bottom and Farragut. I am awaiting word from our Medical Center guy. [At] the Point of Rocks MARC, where I was, riders were themselves a mixed bag. As the day progressed, riders were more receptive to the paper. Earlier riders seemed more concerned with sleep, while the riders later in the day were much more interested in the additional reading material. Those who took the paper were generally pretty cool with it, while some of the people who didn’t seemed suspicious and frightened of it.

Comic books! Scary!

Thankfully, nothing disastrous happened—-you know, like sending 30 fans to the wrong location. Also: “No one got arrested that I know of,” Rafer writes, “which is always a plus.”