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Far Out vs. Hot Dang responds to the reality of April Fools’ Day by declaring all news published today to be WORTHLESS, except for Far Out vs. Hot Dang itself, which has been assembled this week using cultural items from days prior to April 1, 2011. OUR INTEGRITY THUS CANNOT BE QUESTIONED. Come back next week for more realness!

Gwydion Suilebhan: “I wonder if I’m the only person who follows a bunch of former Star Trek actors and really gets a thrill out of reading their tweets.” “One man had to be asleep with his face pressed against the glass for six weeks.”
Kegasus, yes, Kegasus “She’s a walking antidepressant.”
“The thing with recording music is that it’s like Heisenberg’s principle.” Maverick: “So, I was recently told that I specialize in making ‘brown liquor music’ and ‘pimp anthems’. There are worse things to be good at…”
“He looks shady, with the mustache and the fashion glasses” Let’s do a Kickstarter campaign to erect ANGER on the other side of the fountain
“It makes me not want to listen to Radiohead.” “The guy’s just such a pencil dick, I think he should be called out.”
“I always find DC to be such a calm and peaceful place, and so beautiful.” “Unfortunately, that’s not the sort of agreement that courts and cops usually honor.”
Lou Diamond Phillips still exists, and he is occasionally in Silver Spring “sounds like it was made by energetic soccer moms with a fondness for Teddy Riley and Jesus, though not necessarily in that order”