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Former Lungfish guitarist Asa Osborne has continued to plumb the meditative depths of the universe with his solo project Zomes. Four years after Zomes’ eponymous debut, Osborne has a new single called “Openings” from the album Earth Grid, out on Thrill Jockey. It’s a repetitive instrumental in the same overdriven Casiotone vein as before, which means it doesn’t disappoint. This is not mass-market music in any sense, but the minimal, distorted keyboard accompanied by sparse kick-drum hits creates a hypnotic, trance-inducing mood much like Lungfish did for so many years. It’s subtler than the Dischord vet’s previous band, but it retains the same ceaseless focus. With patience and an openness to the unknown, you may find your head swaying back and forth to the warm, slow groove.

LISTEN: Zomes – “Openings”