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Maybe it’s goth night or maybe you’re just resuscitating some Victorian fashion ideas. Perhaps you want to make a macabre first impression or you just watched The Crow. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to wear heavy, dark make-up around your eyes tonight. Eyeliner is going to be your visual statement, and it’s not going to be subtle. It’s always a bold move, and the process of applying it necessitates an amply dark, heavy soundtrack. Here are a few choice tracks to suit the occasion.

You probably know Nick Cave and his murder balladry, but his earlier work with The Birthday Party veers close to No Wave at certain moments and captures a more raw, unsettling sound. “Nick The Stripper” ought to put you in the mood to celebrate gloom and your own world-weary disposition.

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Having made clear his penchant for taking drugs to make music to take drugs to, Jason Pierce can always be relied on for spaced out heaviness. Considering the fact that he technically died twice in 2005, it’s fair to say he’s been through some pretty dark times, as well. Spiritualized‘s “Come Together” should get your black makeup flowing.


Local duo Screen Vinyl Image sure loves its guitar pedals. “Fever” showcases the band’s foggy, thick, melancholic sound at its finest. They might not dress like Robert Smith, but head over to the Galaxy Hut tonight and you’ll catch the band performing some heavy, drugged-out songs that the king of eyeliner would surely enjoy.

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