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So you’ve made a movie involving the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. There’s only one sensible place to hold your opening: Ford’s Theatre.

Unfortunately for Robert Redford and the cast of his new film The Conspirator, Ford’s Theatre may not be available on Sunday, when the premiere is scheduled. In the event of a government shutdown, the theater, which is co-run by the National Park Service, will close.

The movie, the first from the history-focused American Film Company, centers on the aftermath of Lincoln’s assassination and the charging of seven men and one woman for conspiracy to kill the president. Scheduled to attend the opening: Redford and cast members Robin Wright, James McAvoy, Kevin Kline, Tom Wilkinson, Evan Rachel Wood, Alexis Bledel, and Danny Huston. According to the press release, the VIP list also includes a bunch of executive-producer types, plus Paul Tetreault, director of the Ford’s Theatre Society. Fancy!

In the event of a shutdown, they won’t be totally out of luck, though. According to the local PR firm handling the premiere, the event will move to the Newseum if need be—-which isn’t quite as premiere-appropriate, but at least Redford will be able to remember his old exploits portraying a hotshot reporter for The Washington Post.