D.C., you need a little love right now, and ooh yeah, Far Out vs. Hot Dang can give it to you. That’s right, yeah, just a little to the left, a little to the right. Cold side, hot side. Mmm. Don’t forget to check the Twitpiece. Aw yeah, it’s like that. Now let’s get somethin’ to eat.

Gods’Illa: “On ‘We All In The Same Gang’ Miche’le sounds just like the lady from Police Academy.” “At one point, she had her head down in her hands and even wrapped herself in a blanket”
“My wife will slap me on my wrist for saying this, but I feel that space has a sexiness to it.” “Music is very incestuous. You’ll see string quartets who have had every possible permutation.”
Scoota Wilson: “besides the white makeup is ronald mcdonald white or black?” “Back in the 1970s, people were telling me that I was a WASP, and I looked at my family background trying to figure out what kind of advantage they thought I had.”
Frank Ocean, Beta, Meet Trey Songz, Alpha: An Emo Male R&B Commentary “He then reimbursed a chosen few with as much as $100 for their cosmetic efforts.”
PORRIDGE ”I would categorize myself as putting the bacon in the GLBT sandwich”
“You don’t eat a painting. You don’t need a painting to live. You need food.” The biggest threat to the Capitol’s fine art? Caterers.
“I didn’t want Jay-Z and Drake taking dumps on the same toilet.” “the connections Nemerov attempts to draw—between Ault, events during his lifetime, and other people’s paintings—range from tenuous to ridiculous”
“In any case, there are so many, many art crimes to prosecute.” “If she is deranged, one wonders: What is the excuse for the Washington City Paper”