Growing Up Foo: WaPo‘s Chris Richards profiles Dave Grohl on the occasion of a new Foo Fighters album and documentary. You’ll have to see the doc to learn about the Foos’ “falling-outs, betrayals, drug overdoses, quittings, firings — the works,” but the WaPo piece has lots of goodies from Grohl’s early years in Northern Virginia. Of the D.C. hardcore band he later joined, Grohl says: “When I saw the p.o. box [on Scream’s album cover] was in Bailey’s Crossroads, it was like finding out Little Richard lives down the street.”

Radio Free Burma: Local indie rockers Deleted Scenes have a new album out this year, and they went on Radio CPR’s Dissonance program to spin some tunes. The shout-outs to bands from D.C. and its environs are cool; the inclusion of some Burmese psych-pop is much, much cooler; the new Deleted Scenes tracks are by far the coolest.

A Final Shutdown Poem: Well, we tried to prepare you for the shutdown by highlighting its arts implications, but then there wasn’t a shutdown. Here’s a post-almost-shutdown Haiku:

Glad the Metsu show
. Phillips, I still want
my Arnold Palmer!

Today on Arts Desk: What Robert Redford taught me last night at Ford’s Theatre.