The Real Awards Tragedy: Arlington police released a video yesterday in which the Crystal City Hyatt Regency employee injured during the brawl at last month’s DMV Awards describes his plight: He lost an eye; he’s got medical bills; and he hasn’t been able to work since. On his blog this morning, WaPo‘s Tom Jackman points out that the five-minute Q-and-A-style video raises some journalistic red flags—-police detectives aren’t reporters—-and I agree. All the same, it’s a remember that while the DMV Awards debacle was tragic for the area’s hip-hop scene, it was a lot more tragic for the guy who had nothing to do with it and still ended up losing an eye.

What Is and What Never Was: Did Led Zeppelin play in a Wheaton rec center the night Richard Nixon was inaugurated? Maybe. It’s a question cult documentarian Jeff Krulik hopes to resolve in Led Zeppelin Played Here, a new film that he’ll screen Memorial Day weekend during—-what else?—-Zep Fest, a Led Zeppelin tribute festival taking place in National Harbor. While a number of people claim the concert did indeed happen, “No tickets, flyers, photos, diary entries, radio spots, concrete evidence has surfaced, and likely never will,” Krulik tells WTOP.

Style Points: This video interview with Travis Jackson of Windian Records features an extremely rock ‘n’ roll entrance.

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