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If you see only one film titled Win Win this year…well, you actually have a choice of two. Win Win is an American film starring Paul Giamatti and Amy Ryan that tells the story of a lawyer who does a not-so-ethical thing for money. Win/Win, meanwhile, is a Dutch film playing at Filmfest DC tonight and tomorrow about a young stockbroker who’s great at his job — but, eventually, not so happy about it. Here’s a breakdown of what each offers.

THE GIST Win Win: Middle-aged lawyer finds his moral compass Win/Win: 20-something stockbroker finds his moral compass

THE IMPETUS Win Win: A teenage boy who’s really good at wrestling saves the protagonist’s team Win/Win: A shy stockbroker who’s really bad at trading wins the protagonist’s sympathy

FEEL-GOOD PLOT POINT Win Win: Kid finds a new family! Win/Win: Bad trader finds a new friend!

FEEL-BAD PLOT POINT Win Win: A secret-revealing lawsuit Win/Win: A sudden death

LIVES UP TO ITS TITLE? Win Win: Yes, absolutely. Win/Win: No, stay away.