Yes, alas, Far Out vs. Hot Dang is taking a two-week hiatus. It will be a dim, formless fortnight, but you can handle it. When we return on May 6, we’ll be laden with awesomeness, and you will be made whole again, kids!

“you’re taking someone’s favorite all-time love song and flipping it around and saying how much you like clitorises” “When I wrote it, I was like ‘Dang, should I say that?'”
“The lecture had the feel of a conductor leading a practice, breaking apart movements and parts before putting them all together, all the while talking over the music with exclamations like ‘public mourning is ritualized!'” “‘I cannot fucking hear myself think! I’m trying to play drums over here!'”
Fritz Hahn: “Note To Supervillains: I can apparently always be distracted by tacos.” “at each 40-minute mark, Liebling would have to pause to smoke crack”
It’s for the kids “‘For the last 15 minutes before midnight, all we did was sell poppers. It was a madhouse.”
BLUE MEN GROUP (scroll directly to the) BLUE TUTU DOG
Overok: “So you guys are really going to make fun of me if I get the new Sidekick? Am I too old for a Sidekick? It’s not like I’m getting the Bieber Limited Edition Sidekick. “the producers of H Street should be very publicly shamed for concocting such lazy stereotypes”
“No aggressive squatting” “an unusual tactic”
“I can’t figure out if this is a novel or non-fiction, but it’s a 1,000-page book about the late-20th century gold rush written by the dude who cast a teenage Will Oldham in Matewan, so get your reading glasses and man-up and let’s plow through this epic—together.” “It just seemed to make sense to make him a tomato since tomatoes are not always considered fruit. He would overcompensate for that by being excessively violent.”
“There are more, and more egregious, wigs in this thing than there are in Dreamgirls.” More clowns than a Juggalo festival
Pictures of rock stars: Still relevant Pictures of Biz Markie: Always awesome