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Whether you’re a ghostly apparition, a hyper-vivid memory, or even a vision of a paternal, anthropomorphic cloud, there comes a point where you need to fade away. After you give your life-changing advice or sternly and mysteriously warn the protagonist to “take heed,” you’ve got to make your exit. Rather than offering over-the-top melodrama, here are a few low-key songs for your quiet evaporation.

After leaving The Velvet Underground, John Cale put aside his brash experimentalism for a bit to explore more traditional songcraft. The soft balladry of “Antarctica Starts Here” would make an appropriate companion to your strange dissipation—-the slightly unsettling ending to the tune only emphasizing the odd situation.

The aptly-named Low—-who play Black Cat next week—- always have something slow and gorgeous to offer. The careful harmonies and restrained tempo of “Little Argument With Myself” will make an alluring and haunting accompaniment to your departure.

Local hushed rockers Cigarette work well in a reverb-laden, slow atmosphere. Their smoky songs readily evoke the peculiar and melancholic mood of your withdrawal from reality. If you can delay your farewell for just a bit, be sure and chill with Cigarette tonight at Galaxy Hut.