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Victim’s Mother Wants Club Closed: The mother of George Cooper, a 25-year-old Washington man who was fatally stabbed at the CFE Events Center in Forestville last year, wants the venue closed, TBD’s Sarah Godfrey reports. Tracy Cooper, who earlier this year sued the club and Prince George’s County in a wrongful death suit, is leading a protest today outside the P.G. County administrative building in Upper Marlboro demanding it shut down CFE. The place does have a violent history. Just last month a 13-year-old girl was shot in the leg in the parking lot, and the club was briefly shut down in 2007 amid a rising murder rate in the county.

France is a Lawless Haven for Jazz Singers: DCist talks to jazz vocalist Andréa Wood, who has a few local sets promoting the release of heralbum, Dhyana. Wood tells Sriram Gopal was a chance to “make [her] musical mark and put [her] own voice out there.” Then she went to France, where “all the rules flew out the window.” The album’s Sanskrit title refers to its reflective, meditative sound, Wood says.

OK, Here It Is: We rag on Post writers plenty, but even we’re not sure it was fair Dan Zak had to sit through Charlie Sheen‘s “Stupid Hurricane of Misanthropy” or whatever the hell his tour is called. But he made it through the nearly sold-out (seriously?) show at DAR Constitution Hall last night in which Sheen showed up late (court hearing), suggested unloading his ex-wives on Moammar Gaddafi (um…), and announced a presidential campaign with Nicolas Cage as his running mate. (Facepalm.) Sheen’s a birther, too. (Naturally.) And Tareq and Michaele Salahi were there! (All previous parenthetical remarks.) So, basically everything that Brandon Wetherbee predicted earlier yesterday happened, right down to the audience member who implored Sheen to “SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SAY SOMETHING WEIRD!” (Caps are Zak’s.)

Yesterday on Arts Desk: Bohemian Caverns gets a first-year assessment from Michael J. West. Odd venue enthusiasts British Sea Power talked to Nevin Martell.