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Ever since penning a review of the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra on the occasion of its first anniversary, this writer has been repeatedly remonstrated for a grievous error: The review mentioned every member of the BCJO (including those that weren’t at the anniversary gig and even a few ex-members) except for Brad Linde, its co-director, baritone saxophonist, master of ceremonies, and—-in the case of Monday night’s gig—-cake provider.

(Among the many, many commenters was this writer’s wife, who upon learning of the mistake offered this writer these soothing words of reassurance: “Jesus, babe. That’s pretty bad.”)

Which probably means it’s a good time to talk about Brad Linde‘s concert series, which he’s been hosting every Tuesday night in April at the illustrious Twins Jazz. “Dialogues and Duets” is an intriguing concept: Brad Linde is joined each night by two musicians—-one for each of his two sets—-in back-to-back duo performances. The guest musicians bring their instruments of choice, and Brad Linde rotates between saxophone, piano, drums, and cymbals in a musical dialogue with the guest. They play standards, originals, and freeform improvisations, and at the conclusion of the evening, all three of the evening’s musicians join in a trio performance.

Brad Linde‘s final installment in the series comes this Tuesday, April 26. The first guest, pianist Dan Roberts, can safely be described as an experimenter; he’s centered in postbop piano jazz, but never stays there. He diverts instead into raucous and funky fusion; electronically tinged psychedelia and dub; and just plain dissonant weirdness. The other, drummer Larry Ferguson, is a badass, plain and simple. A member of the badasses-only “Pershing’s Own” U.S. Army Band, Ferguson is also an extremely busy freelancer whose crisp, snappy style (undoubtedly a byproduct of playing those Army march rhythms) is immediately recognizable.

Brad Linde and his partners perform at 8 and 10 p.m. on Tuesday, April 26 at Twins (1344 U St. NW) for $10.

Brad Linde.