The D.C. Office of Motion Picture and Television Development is getting into the mobile-device game. The Film Office, which released the 2011 edition of its Production Resource Guide on Wednesday, is turning the 140-page directory into an iPhone app that will make it quicker for visiting movie crews to hire local vendors, scout locations, and cast extras.

Film Office spokeswoman Leslie Green said the app should be available in the iTunes Store in the next few weeks once Apple finishes its testing and review process. The conversion is a new service offered by Oz Publishing, an Atlanta-based firm that produces directories for film commissions across the Southeast. The D.C. guide is once again available as a searchable directory and a full-color scan of the glossy physical edition like most production guides, but the D.C. Film Office is the just the third Oz client to turn its guide into an app following the Virginia and Georgia film commissions. The practice does not seem to be widespread yet. Besides Virginia and Georgia, a search of the iTunes Store for film production directories only turned up apps for Colorado and the San Francisco area.

The Film Virginia app enables users to select a category of vendor or crew position and produces a list from which users can be automatically connected via phone or email. If a production in Northern Virginia needed, say, a camera crane, the app can patch the user through to Bird’s Eye View and hire a jib operator. The D.C. app, Green said, will function the same way.

The mobile version of the production guide is only being offered on devices running Apple’s iOS platform—iPhones and iPads. There are no plans currently to adapt it for Android and BlackBerry.