Dept. of Nightstand Maintenance: The viral hit of the weekend—-well, at least in the circles I tweet in—-was Dan Koisvery droll piece on “The New Yorker Group,” a regular meet-up of over-booked, well-to-do Washington women who instead of discussing, like, a book, chat about articles in the magazine. The piece reads like an extended Talk of the Town, so it’s a shame the print headline is so on-the-nose. Something dryer, next time!

The Griping News: Unless you live in New York or London, the front of today’s Style section in The Washington Post won’t be of much use to you. We’ve got a progressive-minded comedy revue currently running in New York (no D.C. date mentioned), a review of Die Walkure at the Metropolitan Opera, and deargodmakeitstop more coverage of the royal wedding—-but hey, at least today’s Reliable Source column mentions that in attendance will be Washington couple Joe and Barby Allbritton.

Arts, Inc.: KenCen head honco Michael Kaiser discusses the how corporate giving to arts organizations has changed over the last generation. Short version: They’ve become rare for smaller groups. But his advice to the little fish in the pond isn’t very encouraging. “These groups would do better to build their individual donor bases rather than trying to continue to try to obtain increasingly scarce corporate contributions.”

Today on Arts Desk: The latest show at Civilian Art Projects, Casper Bangs’ latest identity change.