The Cassettes at Goddard NASA Space Flight Center. (photo by David S. Holloway/Reportage by Getty Images)

The Cassettes, at NASA apparently

An irregular roundup of local releases on vinyl.

The Cassettes, “I’ve Been Gone Far Too Long” 7-inch: The first release from the Northern Virginia steampunkers in two years, this three-song 7-inch is unusually self-aware for the group: “In the last world/we said our words/and now we’re here again,” sings frontman Shelby Cinca in “I’ve Been Gone,” a slow-burner that achieves spaciness via mandolin. The next song, incidentally, is called “Far Too Long.” Conceptual! (Flannel Gurl Records; digi version has a bonus track, “Australia”)

Screen Vinyl Image, “Siberian Eclipse” 7-inch: I first wrote about the B-side of this release, “New Visions,” a year ago, and it was one of my favorite local tracks of 2010. After many months of delay (production problems? label-related karmic issues?) it’s finally out. The A-side, “Siberian Eclipse,” is spooky and serrated and it moves, but I like Screen Vinyl Image the most when its noise gets blissful. More stuff like “New Visions,” please. (Fan Death)

Hume, “Inverse Fireworks” 7-inch: Hume’s excellent Penumbra LP from last year had a bunch of loose, soul-skimming ragas and one tight psych-pop single; on this latest 7-inch, the band manages to be loose and concise at the same time. Thoughts are repeated for a few bars then never revived; there’s a great moment where frontman Brit Powell laughs a line instead of singing it. Also, the video for “Inverse Fireworks” proves there’s no reason a shabby garage in Columbia Heights can’t be trippy as balls. (Sockets)

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