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Some people gripe about the government all day and night; other people lead revolutions. I suppose you can only live in a district without statehood for so long before you get deeply fed up with the fact that a national movement called the “Tea Party” is doing nothing to address your taxation without representation. The Ted Rall book in your living room might’ve planted a few seeds in your mind, and let’s just say V for Vendetta left a mark on your conscience. Well, if you finally decide to partake in a legitimate coup against an unjust government, albeit one with the most powerful military on the planet, you’ll need some basic sonic motivation to keep up morale.

Sure, they might have eschewed violence, but spiritual core of this band is deeply anti-authoritarian. That, and their guitars alone could cut through concrete. Turn up Fugazi‘s “Turnover” while you’re turning the government over, and soak up the D.C.-centric angst.

When it comes to stoking political anger, Mogwai might not be on the top of the list. Much of their catalog might not suit your adventure, but crank “Like Herod” loud enough and when the gut-kicking climax comes, it’ll knock your face clean off.

Longtime D.C. residents, the veterans in Tone have been crafting their heavy instrumental tunes for about 20 years now. Here’s an older track that should spur you to action. Get a dose of Tone’s guitar drenched motivation live on Thursday at the DC9.