Iceland Wants to Devastate Your Soul With Cute: Perhaps you’re familiar with the adorably twee Tumblr run by Iceland’s tourism bureau, Iceland Wants to Be Your Friend. (And perhaps, it’s convinced you more than once to look up the price of flights to Reykjavík.) That adorable twee has doubled down; the second in the country’s tourism bureau’s crusade to infect all of Tumblr—hell, all of anyone with a disposable income to be used on traveling—with its downright preciousness is Icelandic Bands That Are Not Sigur Rós. The site, which launched yesterday, is precisely what it sounds like—that is to say, profiles of Icelandic bands that aren’t Sigur Rós. First up are FM Belfast, described thusly: “The polite and well dressed people in FM Belfast are not Sigur Rós. They are also not from Belfast. They are from my Reykjavík, but they probably just think that “Belfast” is a really töff word.” Go on, just follow it on Tumblr.

Actually Filming in D.C.: We had plenty of fun riffing off a casting call for a potential TV show about D.C.’s most up-and-coming neighborhood. But H Street isn’t the only production slated for filming in the District (no, Georgetown doesn’t count—Josh Schwartz is faking us out and shooting in Brooklyn): TBD reports that SoBlu will film their latest, Afterschool, this summer. A press release described the flick as “‘updated ‘Reality Bites’ meets ‘That ’70s Show’ with an urban, post-college twist.'” TBD says “SoBlu has a good track record of making solid movies about D.C.—Jazz in the Diamond District, which starred Wood Harris (best known for playing Avon Barksdale on The Wire), was a compelling look at one young woman’s experience performing with a go-go band.”

Watch Out, Kids: Breaking with tradition, DCist’s Three Stars interview is chatting with a local label instead of a local artist or group. In the spotlight is Lovitt Records and owner Brian Lowit who, like Sean Gray and Chris Berry of the last Three Stars chat, “is another product of college radio who wanted to give an outlet to what he thought were deserving bands.” (Fitting, given the recent trials and tribulations of WMUC). Speaking of college, Lowit has some tough love for his occasionally-hired interns: “Sometimes I have interns. I don’t have one right now. But that can be really hard, too, because sometimes you’ll get a kickass intern but then they’ll have to go back to school. They’ll come in for the summer and then the next one you have might be a total clunker that doesn’t do any work. So, it’s kind of hard because it takes just as much effort to get an intern and show them what to do as doing it yourself. I definitely battle with that sometimes.”

Yesterday on Arts Desk: Three films probably not in Kim Jong Il’s DVD collection (or, the beginning of North Korean Film Week at West End Cinema), the premiere of The Vinyl Countdown (in which we tell you what’s been released on vinyl recently), and three songs for taking over Congress.