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On Monday, Brooklyn indie site Impose Magazine wrote up a little piece about a new band from Lawrence, Kan., that evokes the brightest days of the D.C. hardcore scene. “Anxiety,” a fuzz-filled jam by newbie quartet Mouthbreathers, is actually a little more reminiscent of the early ’80s West Coast hardcore sound, but the cover art is all harDCore. Well, it’s certainly inspired by the historic local scene. It’s the iconic cover of Minor Threat‘s Out of Step gone all haywire:

Turns out, that’s not the actual cover of Moutbreathers’ first recorded effort. Their untitled six-song, cassette-only EP comes with an entirely different set of artwork by the band’s singer Kyle Gowdy. The group made 100 copies of the cassette a month ago, but Gowdy decided to do a little something different for the songs he posted to Bandcamp. Hence Out of Breath.

“We just thought it was funny,” Gowdy says. “The Minor Threat black sheep smoking a bong.”

Gowdy and the rest of the Mouthbreathers are certainly Minor Threat fans, a fact that’s not only evident in their faithful, humorous spin on the Out of Step artwork, but also in the band’s fierce punk rock. Their style leans on both garage pop and hardcore—the song “Out of My Head” is one jangly guitar note short of a potential Black Lips comparison—but the fire and fury is all hardcore.

Only three of the songs from that EP exist online—two at Bandcamp, one at SoundCloud—and Gowdy says he may intermittently post the rest of the songs online, or collect them all and “do a digital download thing.” He added the group is planning to repackage those songs for a 12-song vinyl release that should be available in November. In the meantime, anyone eager to hear the rest of the Mouthbreathers EP can order it through PayPal: the tape costs $5, which can be sent to the band’s e-mail, mouthbreatherslawrence@gmail.com.