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What did you do this time? Did you forget the anniversary of your first jointly filed tax return? Did you get drunk and say something wildly inappropriate about your girlfriend’s perennially unemployed uncle? Did you throw away your husband’s favorite Judas Priest T-shirt—-you know, the one from that kick-ass “Mercenaries of Metal” tour in ’88? It happens. Whether it’s via an absent-minded moment or days of complete neglect, everyone ends up on the losing side of an argument now and then. It’s not so important how you got there, it just matters how you cleverly and thoughtfully make it up to your sweetheart. Naturally, The Pragmatist has a sentimental mixtape for the occasion. These tunes could be of use.

It may seem obvious, but it’s still a classic. Al Green is a master at helping you get laid, or in this case, getting you out of trouble. Turning on “Let’s Stay Together,” particularly a live rendition like this one, combined with some well-executed puppy eyes ought to soften an angered heart.

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A singer, songwriter, and wooer of women, Jamie Lidell knows a thing or two about romance. His time spent studying classic soul co-mingled with his love of electronics make him both a formidable voice and undeniably contemporary. Let his hip electro-soul ease the argument into an apology.

Local Dan Scheuerman (of Deleted Scenes) has a new song bound to get trapped in your head, and more importantly, in your girlfriend’s head. It’s called “Bed,” and it will undoubtedly move you and yours down the road to reconciliation. Check our Scheuerman’s solo act in person on Tuesday at DC9.

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