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Biodegradable Sounds: In which everyone writes about the minutiae of Sweetlife Festival, the salad chain Sweetgreen’s attempt to carefully shape consumers into a particular kind of lifestyle heavily dependent upon power chords: TBD questions how green the supposedly environmentally-friendly event really was, and Click Track postulates that the day-long festival was just a really long opener for headliners The Strokes.

Also Known as Slow News Week: “For four years after their discovery in a pond in Crofton, Md., snakeheads dominated local media, spreading a fear of the slimy, semi-amphibious creatures that has sadly dissipated as Washingtonians have learned to fear other things. TBD wants to bring the terror back. Welcome to Snakehead Week. You can prepare by watching some of the best videos about snakeheads that the Internet has to offer.” Well, that about sums it up. Watch all the snakehead-related visuals that TBD could drag up here. (Aside: This blogger once observed a snakehead while boating on the Anacostia River. It was more gross than terrifying.)

Department of Uncomfortable Juxtapositions: With good reason, the general public cleaned out the Newseum’s selection of front pages (with the exception of “Providence, Rhode Island, Casper, Wyoming and Charleston, West Virginia,” which were “the only papers collected by the museum not to feature a bin Laden story on their front pages”). In other news, Mariah Carey gave birth to twins. Carey and husband Nick Cannon listened to the 42-year-old’s smash hit “We Belong Together” prior to the birth. Yeah. Really. Even less related: Coke Machine Glow has a Tumblr.

Yesterday on Arts Desk: We talk to post-Dykes to Watch Out For cartoonist Katie Omberg, review Itzhak Perlman, and approve of the first/final/free Authorization (ex-Black Eyes) album.