Altered Zones points to this cool video from LA Vampires Goes Ital—-a project from frequent-collaborators-of-spooky-buzz-bands LA Vampires and Ital, which is one of D.C. expat Daniel Martin-McCormick‘s many outlets. Martin-McCormick, a former Black Eyes member, gets ink ’round these parts mostly for his work with Mi Ami—-lately of fucked up nu-disco fame—-and Sex Worker, which is his project of screechy, contorted electro-glam. Ital, obviously, is where Martin-McCormick toys with Italo Disco sounds.

“Streetwise” is music for zoning out stylishly: Vocals from LA Vampires’ Amanda Brown are glazed over and seductive; Martin-McCormick’s loungey instrumental is smeared in Vaseline; and the cut-and-paste video is apparently inspired by George Michael‘s fashion-plate “Freedom ’90” promo.

“Streetwise” comes from the 12-inch Streetwise, out on Not Not Fun on May 25.