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If something is national news, it’s almost certainly going to inspire a rap track. Hip-hop is, after all, one of our fastest mediums. So it’s no surprise that the death of Osama bin Laden is already yielding a growing body of music.

It’s not all inspired, of course: In Tennessee, rapper Swiperboy—-the pseudonym of University of Tennessee basketball player Renaldo Woolridge—-recorded “USA Troops (Thank You)” within a day of the news that the the al Qaeda leader had been killed by U.S. Navy SEALs. Naturally, it ends with a “USA! USA!” chant. Hot Rod, a California rapper signed to 50 Cent’s label, released his own track, which has the genius hook “Osama was killed tonight/so everybody come and have a good time” as well as a shout-out to Charlie Sheen‘s “winning” mantra. There’s plenty more on the YouTubes.

D.C. rappers have some catching up to do: I’ve been looking, but I haven’t seen any homegrown rap jams dedicated to the demise of America’s long-elusive enemy. DJ Heat, who runs the blog DC Mumbo Sauce, wrote in a Tuesday email that she expected to see tracks trickling in. Today she writes: “The DMV rappers have let us down.” Producer Judah, who runs Forthedmvonly.com, says he hasn’t received anything bloggable. (Both blogs, by the way, posted the track “Unholy War” by Thad Reid this week, but it was first uploaded to Soundcloud before Bin Laden’s death, and doesn’t really have a War on Terror theme.)

The closest thing to a D.C. rap track about Osama? In fact, it’s “Hello Iraq” by Cali rapper Ras Kass, produced by Judah. I even got a press release about it:

The West Coast superior teamed up with DC’s commanding producer JUDAH to make a presentation that not only calls attention to the country’s present condition but also to the actions of the past and how they shape what is to come. JUDAH delivers with his sound so concrete heavy, making this production an exact match to the sentiments that surround the minds of those who are at war on the regular.

Right-o! Here it is: