We all know how to celebrate Cinco de Mayo: You eat your weight in Mexican food and drink cases of Corona until you can’t see straight. But how would you celebrate “Raheem DeVaughn Day,” the newfound “holiday” instituted by D.C. Mayor Vince Gray? My guess is that it includes lots of sex, slow jams…and, uh, more sex.

According to a press release, the DMV soul crooner is getting his own day and a key to the city because of his socially conscious lyrics and dedication to local youth organizations, among other things. There’s no denying he’s an active contributor in that sense.

But DeVaughn—-who’s also celebrating his birthday today—-doesn’t shy away from sexual references, especially on his Twitter page. ” … so ladies who wanna b my berfday cake?” he tweeted last night. Before that: “xo all over your body like lotion…” And let’s not forget his super-sexy discography: “Garden of Love,” “Woman I Desire,” and “You” are just a few songs that come to mind.

So at least for one day every year, DeVaughn is D.C.’s number one customer. But before you celebrate Raheem DeVaughn Day, ask yourself, “Will I get the day off from work?” Try again.