Far Out vs. Hot Dang has returned! This week it’s violence and haters, nachos and asscheeks. Yes, it’s so very D.C.

“The scene is repeatedly interrupted by what looks (and sounds) like tracer and artillery fire, which eventually shears the top off the pyramid.” Sean Bugg: “I think I need to head home and play Mortal Kombat. It’s been that kind of week.”
“61 minutes of chiming near silence and delicate percussive resonance” Louie V: “This Dog Has SERIOUS Stomach problems, He Farts Every 10 Mins 0.o”
Surely the band Train has tried to get in on this Suggested ending: “Hello? Salem? Hi, this is David Malitz from the Washington Post. Are you the stupidest band in the world?”
“The FBI believes that this magnet was the creation of some entrepreneur and definitely not from us. “my family invented nachos. Fuck you if you don’t believe me”
“Obviously, the next subject I want to talk about is your butt cheeks.” Metal Chris: “The BO level at Jaxx tonight for the sold out Amon Amarth show is intense. Did the AC stop working?”
“They’re really into the physical and psychological challenges of acting like a corpse, and have spent hours practicing on hard dining room floors, and watching medical dramas to emulate the pros that play corpses there.” A treasure trove of discussion about the beaver puppet