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Weekends are exhausting and overrated. There are lawns to mow and parties to throw—-you’ll probably get dragged to some concert. Maybe you just wanted to curl up with a good book on a Saturday night, but you just couldn’t endure the judgment you would inevitably face. Well, listen, it’s Monday. You may have to work today, but tonight no one can tell you what to do. Why not celebrate? Have yourself a beer, head to a show, and avoid all the noisy, weekend crowds. Here are a few tracks to kick off your me time.

Elvis Costello knows all about Mondays. No need to beat around the bush, just rock his “Welcome to the Working Week” and enjoy the evening however you please.

When it comes to doing your own thing, De La Soul know what’s up. They weren’t afraid to confound hip-hop expectations and stay true to their own creative and strange visions. “Me, Myself, and I” should keep your day fresh and independent.

Local emcee Ardamus likes a good time as much as you do. Probably more. His tracks are both conscious and toke-worthy. Screw the weekend, go party with Ardamus and Beans (from Anti-Pop Consortium) tonight at DC9.