Frankenfestival: HFStival is back from the dead, but it’s not on much more than life support. Click Track had the news early yesterday morning that the Avett Brothers would be headlining; we followed up on Arts Desk, noting that the 2011 lineup is a vast departure from last year’s shot at ’90s nostalgia. There’ll even be an acoustic tent, of which DCist has this to say: “…At least last year’s event at least had Billy Idol to look forward to.” Please, HFS, stop trying to create something beautiful. Just let it go, OK?

Interns Strike Back: NPR’s interns, now at the end of their tenure, have put together a big-ass list and subsequent mix of the bands their superiors didn’t deem fit for air time. There are some good picks—Cass McCombs, The Coathangers, and D.C. locals Title Tracks and Mi Ami—and some that remind you that, yeah, they’re still in college—Ke$ha ft. Andre 3000, The Kills. But the project’s especially cute because the interns’ taste is barely divergent from their bosses. Guess NPR just does that to you.

Metadata: TBD really likes Whiskey Sherpa, a “music blog for busy people,” and says all sorts of nice things about the site, which posts 15-minute mixes. Bonus: One of the blog’s curators is City Paper‘s Beerspotter, Orr Shtuhl. “I enjoyed a Shtuhl mix that hangs off the new tUnE-yArDs record because it hunts for echoes of that group’s aesthetic across a bunch of other people’s records; most MP3 blogs just give you one song from an artist and leave it up to you how to fit it into your life,” writes Andrew Beaujon (himself a former City Paper staffer). There’s also this: “I asked Shtuhl whether he chose to spell ‘Whiskey’ with an “e” because he hates Scottish people. ‘I just love America,’ he says. ‘Also: it’s a rectangle-square sort of thing; whiskey includes all of them.'”

Yesterday on Arts Desk: On whether an exhibit on Japanese-crafted video games has a place at the Smithsonian American Art Museum and on how arts organizations told the city to drop the ticket tax,