Journalism Is Masochism: On the heels of the debut of the first single by Real Housewife-fameball-gatecrasher-other-trashy-hyphenate Michaele Salahi, TBD’s Sarah Godfrey put herself through the unenviable task of listening to every song released by cast members of the Real Housewives franchise and lived to tell the world. Shockingly, Salahi’s “Bump It” ranks as the second-best track to come out of this silliness.

IPod < Tote Bag < Studio Tour < Umbrella: It’s pledge week over at WAMU, which means two things—maddeningly long station breaks and tote bags! DCist Editor Aaron Morrissey grades the swag that comes with public-radio philanthropy. A stainless-steel water bottle? Not if it’s orange. “Blech,” Morrissey says to the $120 canteen. But for only $30 more one can get the golf umbrella, Morrissey’s favorite of the bunch. But $1,800 for an iPod touch? For that much, you could buy six iPods.

Things Just Got Hairier: Pink Line Project guru Philippa Hughes, who already lost her surfboard to performance art this week, woke up today to find that bubble inhabiter Agnes Bolt “had morphed a bit while I was sleeping.”

Today on Arts Desk: This weekend at Harman Hall, previewed by Amanda Abrams. Five books Justin Moyer would read. Joe Warminsky on the latest in Far Out vs. Hot Dang.