As long as the mighty Far Out vs. Hot Dang exists, D.C. cannot logically be a “second-tier city” for anything. That’s because the genesis and continued existence of this weekly assemblage has allowed D.C. to jump from “third-tier” to “first-tier” status. We skipped the second tier, yo.

“But this isn’t a story about Lionize. It’s a story about their merch guy.” Persuading a band to take a $9,000 pay cut is kinda gangsta, even if it’s a Christian band
“Psychedelic art-punk rocker Amanda Kleinman will create portraits of her winner — for both that person’s outer and inner selves.” “You’ll see former president George W. Bush standing atop his desk in the Oval Office, stripped down to a pair of rebel-flag boxer shorts and clutching a bottle of cheap beer like an erect member.”
“we were all such weirdos” “a phoenix, a dervish, a succubus”
Is “Bump It” the best song to come out of the “Real Housewives” franchise? Marcus J. Moore: “That does it, I’m gonna create a pop record. I’m just gonna create one ‘oontz oontz’ beat and loop it for 60 minutes.”
This event actually exists? “let me once again disagree and state for the record that this is one of the worst, most divisive artsy ideas to have come out of creative Congressional & Hollywood minds in years”
“Any communication not about art must be written on a sheet of paper, and blown into or out of the enclosure with one’s breath.” Yet another example of the fine line between “hot dang” and “ew, yo.” Wait, is it this dude?
“you’d maybe go live in a crack in a cave and hopefully later some other people would come” [insert “crack” joke here]