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Tailgate-Gate: NBC Washington reports that Jiffy Lube Live is no longer allowing concert-goers to tailgate before shows. The practice was already banned at the Live Nation-run venue; now it’ll be enforced. The venue is citing safety concerns for the change—-in the last two years, four people have died in drunk driving accidents following shows at Jiffy Lube Live—-although I imagine that at least some of the drinking the new policy targets will simply move inside the amphitheater. Ching-ching, Jiffy Lube Live.

Full Circle: At Click Track, David Malitz talks to Sharon Cheslow, the guitarist and singer of Chalk Circle, about the release of recordings from the group’s ’81-’83 run. Chalk Circle was D.C.’s first all-female punk band, and its take on the sound was rather arty. But placing the group in the context of other all-women bands of the era is tricky, Cheslow says: “So although we loved the Raincoats and the Slits, and definitely felt inspired by them, I wouldn’t say we listened predominantly to female bands. I didn’t listen to Dolly Mixture at all. Seeing and hearing other female musicians gave Chalk Circle courage, and to this day I owe so much to them, but the truth is that Chalk Circle were part of a mixed-gender community. We wanted to show people that girls could be taken seriously, because girls have an amazing spirit that often goes unnoticed and unrecognized!”

Nose Goes: TBD indulges in nose wordplay for a Cyrano slideshow. But Klimek is the master.

This Weekend on Arts Desk: A final check-in with Philippa Hughes, Agnes Bolt, and Agnes Bolt’s doppelganger.