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In Order to Unlock the Mysteries of the Universe, We’ll Need You to Leave: The Post‘s Arts Post blog reports that Smithsonian Secretary G. Wayne Clough has asked many of the institution’s employees to take a $25,000 buyout or early retirement. “In a memo to the staff, Clough said the reductions, if they happen, would give the Smithsonian an opportunity to recast some of its programs. The Smithsonian, he wrote, ‘will be able to reshape the workforce to meet current and future programming needs as we continue to move forward in implementing the Strategic Plan. This will also help us address critical Federal budgetary issues,'” Jacqueline Trescott writes.

David Coverfail? Apparently, Whitesnake really sucked at M3 Fest this past weekend—and festivalgoers lashed out via, of course, Twitter. Andrew Beaujon writes, “I’m somewhat confused by this luvkeophiliophobia. RockAAA.com’s report from the M3 festival says Whitesnake played a shortish set, only nine songs, which in my experience is not ludicrously short at a festival. Moreover, the videos posted on RockAAA’s site are the only three Whitesnake songs I could probably name without the aid of Google, and my position on what the industry kindly calls “heritage acts” is that a show is a success if the ratio of hits to deep cuts leans significantly toward the former.”

Still Standing: Floristree: In Baltimore DIY-venue news, the Hexagon’s blog says that the space will be shut down on July 1: “Sorry folks.  We’ve lost our lease.  Effective JULY 1ST, 2011, The Hexagon Space location at 1825 NORTH CHARLES will be CLOSED.  It’s been 2 years and 11 months since The Hexagon Space was started, and we’ve had some really fantastic shows and art gallery openings.  Baltimore has supported us through thick & thin, and we thank every band, artist, volunteer, and audience member who has helped us survive to this point.  THANK YOU ALL!!”

Yesterday on Arts Desk: Ally Schweitzer gets into the semantics of Zep Fest’s disintegration.