All the heathens on the left* say “Far Out!” All the heathens on the right* say “Hot Dang!” That’s right, kids, Far Out vs. Hot Dang will definitely get left behind, because somebody has to collect all this stuff each week, right?

*These are not political designations. We kinda just divided the room in half. Sorry if you’re not comfortable with where you ended up. Shit happens.

Suggestion for improving this: Make it art therapy tense and smelly
That’s “conga” not “congo.” “but every single person you talk to from that time … will say she was the most devastatingly powerful stage presence they’d ever seen”
If you were trying to think of the most 80′s thing possible, this might be it. This is NOT the plot of this year’s remake of Footloose
“he then anthropomorphizes them by making them dance to Foreigner’s ‘I Want to Know What Love Is'” Look for the BIG BUTT
Somebody really needs to explain that divot in the mustard. “I just want to reassure potential audiences that it doesn’t smell”
Antoine M: “I had a dream I was rappin Jeru’s “Da Bitchez” with Biggie” Raheem DeVaughn: “All women are flirting on this flight…. The eyes can say many things the voice won’t allow u to cause of the man or woman u traveling wit”
“She even gave everyone in attendance a copy of her latest book ‘Satan’s Sisters.'” Any list with Fatherfucker on it is all right by us.