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Fans eager to relive the euphoria of a Dismemberment Plan concert will be happy to hear that the band will release its first live album on June 1. Japanese label Bad News Records is behind the 23-song CD, called Live in Japan 2011, which was recorded during the band’s February 9 show in Tokyo. Pitchfork published the album’s tracklist earlier today.

Live in Japan 2011 tracklist:

1 Spider in the Snow 2 A Life of Possibilities 3 The Face of the Earth 4 Sentimental Man 5 You Are Invited 6 Bra 7 What Do You Want Me to Say 8 Pay for the Piano 9 Memory Machine 10 Time Bomb 11 If I Don’t Write 12 Following Through 13 The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich 14 Do the Standing Still 15 Girl O’Clock 16 The City 17 I Love a Magician 18 OK Joke’s Over 19 Ellen and Ben 20 Gyroscope 21 The Ice of Boston 22 That’s When the Party Started 23 Back and Forth