If you know Patricia “Twink” Little, then you know how much she loves Kanye West. “I used to joke that I would marry Kanye,” Twink says. “And if we had kids, one of them would be named KanyeNay.”

So it should come as no surprise that Twink’s debut project—-KanyeNay East: A Snares & Kixtape—-is a tribute to the Chicago MC and his multifaceted production. The seven-track download, released last night, finds the Mambo Sauce drummer adding distinctive live percussion to Kanye’s most recent work, including “Hell of a Life” and “All Of The Lights.” On “Power,” Twink ratchets up the already-energetic remix with crisp percussion, amplifying the original’s…well, power.

And while Kanye’s songs are plenty dynamic, Twink says she wanted to make them better while showcasing her talents as a producer. Twink’s next project will feature all original work from musicians from the DMV and beyond. Until then, she’s hoping Kanye will listen to her current tape and dig the sound.

Go here to download KanyeNay East.