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Your next seven days should be filled with laughter. The following could help.

Friday, May 27: Tommy Boy at Rosslyn Outdoor Film Fest
It’s hot outside. It’s slightly less hot at night. That’s a good reason to sit outside and watch a film you’ve seen on cable upwards of 20 times. “Tommy Boy” may be the ideal film for that. You know exactly what happens, you can probably quote a handful of scenes and the “fat guy in a little coat” bit is timeless and appeals to all ages, races, and sexes. Also, the line, “I can hear you getting fatter,” may be the funniest thing David Spade has ever uttered. Dusk, so around 8 p.m.?, free, all ages.

Saturday, May 28: Hot for Teachers at SOVA
This questionably named show is a benefit for World Teach and the first in a series of “Hot for Charity” comedy shows. This installment features some teachers and, more importantly, some actual funny people. Highlights include veteran Tyler Richardson, soon-to- be-famous Brandon Wardell, and actual teacher Erin Ryan. 9 p.m., $8, all ages.

Sunday, May 29: Constellation Theatre Company’s The Green Bird at Source
This whimsical fantasy production includes a king, fortune teller, sausage-maker, seductive stature, and, obviously, a green bird. If that’s not enough to get you in a seat, following the show will be a two-hour class taught by the Washington Improv Theater. That’s right, following the two-and-a-half hour show will be a class that’s free. Four-and-a-half hours of comedy. Have fun with that. 2 p.m., $23-30, all ages.

Wednesday, June 1: Sleeper at Artisphere
This is the first installment of a mini Woody Allen film festival. Sleeper is Allen’s sort-of-sci-fi slapstick-homage comedy that features a lovely Diane Keaton. If you’re on the fence about Allen, watch the trailer and you should know if you’re into it. 8 p.m., $6, all ages.

Thursday, June 2: Bill Cosby at Wolf Trap
Bill Cosby’s Himself is one of the greatest comedy albums of all times. It’s the work of a highly intelligent man with a keen sense of self. Each word was planned and perfectly placed. That was in 1983. A few things have changed. Mr. Cosby is a little looser now and that is not a bad thing. Just watch his recent appearance on “The Today Show” and you’ll see the once perturbed man has become an angry old man and still has great comic timing. 8 p.m., $40 in-house, $20 lawn, all ages.