The 36th chamber is hardly a place of contemplation, but we’ll definitely kick a statistic at you: The Twitter List will hit 90 this week. It’s simple: If we republish your tweet in Far Out vs. Hot Dang, you go on the list. PERMANENTLY. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the list is 99.9 percent rappers.

“you’d want to make art here, a Janet Jackson-circa-Rhythm Nation music video at the very least, if you could get your hands on the place” Clinton Yates: “A guy who looks EXACTLY like Bruh’man from Martin just walked in to this Starbucks. Got the walk and everything.”
FREE WILLY ISN’T FREE “They appreciate at about 100 percent a year”
South Beach Sandwicherie: very metal Ya Boy Pstew: “Mcdonalds probably doesn’t realize how many lives they’ve saved and how many households they’ve kept together with that dollar menu!! Lol”
“It looked a little bit like somebody doing break-dancing . . . but it seemed, in the middle of all of that, that he was doing a good job.” “the audience members’ enthusiasm for bouncing often exceeded their execution”
“Kortekangas has a way of setting phrases as if testing them, like an artist making repeated gestures of the pencil to limn a single line” “He was like, ‘where’s my fucking jacket.'”
“I’d gleefully re-enact scenes where Mr. Crockett lays waste to thousands of Indians while wearing Superman Underoos (I was wearing the Underoos, not Davy Crockett himself or, presumably, Fess Parker as Davy Crockett).” “I know some gays who can tear some shit up!”
In case you missed the Weird-Ass Twitter Beef of the Week “It’s worse than having three wives”
“At first we all thought it was one of those cheesy infomercials where they censor out the boobs, but it was not” “It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.”