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Pianist Matt Wigler lives in Baltimore, where he’s a rising senior in high school. That’s right, he’s 17 years old. Wouldn’t expect him to be a deeply entrenched student of the blues, would you? In fact, Wigler’s music is less jazz than jazzy blues: a confident swing, to be sure, but drenched in the licks and turns you’d more likely find in a juke joint or Chicago blues club. He sings, too, with a tenor voice that has a certain swagger, but at the same time betrays his youth (perhaps the only thing in his music that does). It’s an artistry that’s brought a startling level of success to this 17-year-old, including a residency this past season at Strathmore and a 2011 WAMA nomination for Best Jazz Group. The latter is technically for the Matt Wigler Trio, which also includes bassist Jeff Reed and drummer Mike Aubin—and as luck would have it, that’s the very band that’s playing the festival tonight! They perform at 5 p.m. as the music for tonight’s Phillips After 5 at the Phillips Collection, 21st and Q Streets NW. $12 (museum admission).