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Toronto, Ontario-based bands Memoryhouse and Foxes in Fiction are embarking on a short U.S. tour this summer. They’ll be playing in Philly, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Cleveland.

But a flyer advertising the tour, posted on Foxes in Fiction’s Tumblr, uses a map of the Washington, D.C., Metro system.

The choice of imagery isn’t simply sheer Canadian cluelessness. When asked about the particulars behind his choice of art, Warren Hildebrand, the man behind Foxes in Fiction and the proprietor of cassette-based label Orchid Tapes, writes in an email:

I thought this would come up, haha. There was no reason in particular other than the fact that I just really liked the way that it looked and admired the objective beauty of it. The font I used on the poster is called Toronto Subway Font and is only used in and on the Toronto transit system so I thought I would stay within the theme of transportation and subway imagery for the poster. Even though I know that that poster may be kind of confusing, now that I look back at it.

Hildebrand says that he found the map—which appears to be a fantasy map that includes a Brown line and a Silver line extending into Prince George’s County—via a Google image search for “subway system diagram.” The D.C. Metro was the first that struck him as visually appealing, likely because it reminded Hildebrand of the works of one of his favorite artists, Jacob MagrawMickelson. In a fairly impressive visual analysis, Hildebrand explains: “The use of a wide range of vibrant colour and the interconnectedness of different systems of angular lines and patterns is something that’s a constant in both of those things, and apparently a pretty grabbing aesthetic trait for me!”

And, Toronto’s own subway map just wasn’t up to par. The five different lines in that system are very linear, and “ended up just looking bizarre and bad” when Hildebrand attempted to pay it homage in a flyer.

As for the fact that the tour doesn’t actually have any D.C. dates, Hildebrand says: “I feel kind of bad that I used this image now, it’s probably pretty misleading to a fair number of people in the sense that we’re not gonna be in Washington DC for any of these shows. I’ll definitely make a conscious effort on my behalf to ensure a date is booked there next time I leave Canada on tour. But either way, thanks for having a lovely underground layout!”