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The freaky-thinky side is a little sexless this week, and the dirty-bitchy side is mostly just bitchy. Which can only mean one thing: Y’all can’t take the heat! That’s OK, neither can Far Out vs. Hot Dang. Hugs for everybody!

If you see one Rollling Thunder picture, it should be this one. Craig B.: “I’m convinced that every girl named brittany …. is rolling.”
“Has your god ever promoted fringe culture on public television?” “wait till you see how Spears and Webbe sexualize the notion of synchronizing rocking chairs”
“The use of a wide range of vibrant colour and the interconnectedness of different systems of angular lines and patterns is something that’s a constant in both of those things, and apparently a pretty grabbing aesthetic trait for me!” “You’ll either be swept up by its impressionistic contemplations of birth, death, God, the universe, and All That Is, or it will leave you cold. Count me in the latter camp.”
“That was, like, 25 lives ago for me.” “it’s sort of like throwing Dead Can Dance on a witch house comp, or a cut from Paul Simon’s Graceland on a Vampire Weekend album.”
Dinner & Dancing with Neil deGrasse Tyson “I felt bad. I felt bad when we got rid of the Mothership.”
“It plays meta-theatrical games.” “Call it the Gitmo approach to lampoonery”
Jon Fischer: “I suspect this gazpacho I’m eating is in fact salsa. Always a risk!” “Might as well go ahead and change the name of the place to ‘Sux.'”