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Someday, the Bubble?: The Hirshhorn Museum was supposed to be decked out with a giant bubble early next year. Wait, maybe October 2012. Maybe never, but possibly eventually, Tyler Green at Modern Art Notes reported yesterday. Green couldn’t get any bubble updates out of the Hirshhorn museum’s recent board meetings, and when a museum spokesperson was asked if the late 2012 target opening of Richard Koshalek‘s $7.5 million pet project was still in reach, the flack got cagey and said nothing. Though Kriston Capps estimates that Koshalek is still pushing ahead, based on the museum director’s ability to describe a full slate of bubble programming whenever the damn thing opens.

No Flash Mobs Without Representation: D.C. gets left out of a lot given its shoddy place in Congress. Health funding, arts funding, full voting rights. But if flash mobs go next, it’s on Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, TBD’s Maura Judkis writes. Norton, looking to sass the feds for trampling on Washingtonians’ right to get down at the Jefferson Memorial, wants the Mall to be a place “where people can enjoy dancing and jazz and string quartets.” And July 30 is National Dance Day, so Norton is “sponsoring” a flash mob, which is also sponsored by one of those stupid dancing TV shows. Except announcing a flash mob makes it not a flash mob, as does its announced purpose. Judkis makes a plea to save the flash mob—”we need to flash-mob Norton’s flash mob” (emphasis not added)—though personally, I was glad not to run into those loud and obnoxious carolers last Christmas after TBD blew their cover and ruined Christmas.

HEADLESS PROFILE IN PANTS-LESS STORY: WaPo Style’s man from New York, Jason Horowitz, follows New York Post rage columnist Andrea Peyser around that looney-bin of a press conference Rep. Anthony Weiner held on Monday. Peyser hates most famous people (not necessarily a bad thing), large swaths of foreigners, and the Mets. Where sex scandals erupt, Peyser follows to be a public scold, and to remind everyone that The New York Post once considered her its “columnist of the year,” a moniker she held on to for much longer than that. But Horowitz’s day wasn’t all bad, he got some bagels in Queens while chatting up the locals about, sigh, Weiner.