Someone Should Detune This Thing and Play Some Pavement: Even some locals were flipping out yesterday over Google’s musical Les Paul tribute on its homepage (it’s up for a second day). TBD collected some of the earliest examples of songs created using the guitar-like Google doodle. And the Vinyl District reminds you that, yes, Les Paul was guy you should know about.

Artispheric Ambitions: A report that the Arlington Commission for the Arts, um, commissioned asks for more money from the county for funding local arts groups, and recommends building a new outdoor amphitheater in the Shirlington area. But last we heard, the jewel in Arlington’s crown, Artisphere, was still facing serious identity (and profitabilty) issues. I’m guessing more funding for the arts will be a tough sell while Artisphere remains a mixed success.

Raheem Radio: Local crooner Raheem DeVaughn now has a weekly online radio show. Here’s his pitch:

YouTube video

Today on Arts Desk: The latest on NightoftheLivingDead: The Musical; Far Out/Hot Dang; art about Ian MacKaye