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To clarify, Far Out vs. Hot Dang is not “what Washingtonians are talking about,” nor is it “what Washingtonians should be talking about.” No, this weekly assemblage is “what some Washingtonians are talking about.” Because, really, who wants to talk about what everybody else is talking about?

“Who needs a talk-back at show’s end when the playwright can upend your assumptions even as you’re forming them?” “And now I want to kick myself more than I ever wanted to kick Anna.”
“Ah! You said witch house!” “It doesn’t sound very cool when you put it that way, does it?”
“We just wanted to play quiet music in people’s bathrooms.” “If he can be this entertaining while talking about showering and brushing your teeth, I’d be ready to read his thoughts on everything from dating to dining to dieting.”
“I have a love for the shit that no one knows exists.” “The ID belonged to some light-skinned girl named, Leah, but somehow I got in.”
“For one course, I ate a tri-colored pill that did not taste like a tomato-basil-mozzarella pizza.” Carolyn Malachi: “The one thing about being tall and walking through the woods is that you catch all of the spider webs right in your mouth. Yum!”
Shani O. Hilton: “81 degrees at 8:50 am, feeling sorry for work-bound men in suits. Smash the patriarchy! Sundresses for all!” “it is also the best time of year for straight guys to get laid”
“People can dance, sit down and relax — if they fall asleep on the couch, that’s fine.” “If you’re a burgeoning nightspot, it’s not a good idea to electrocute customers.”
“I’ve gotten like six orders so far.” “Robert Byrd said it made him look too old.”