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Local post-hardcore trio The Fordists are readying their debut full-length, and it’s streaming now on Bandcamp. Watch Youofficially comes out in July on D.C. DIY label Amor y Lucha: The label is releasing 300 LPs—-100 of which will be pressed on recycled vinyl—-so if you like tight-knit, caustic- and classic-sounding D.C. post-punk and can’t snap up a copy in time, Bandcamp will be the way to go.

Following their 2009 three-song EP, Gerald (get it?), The Fordists have injected a little creepiness into their bass-heavy, angular sound that goes beyond the already creepy song titles (“Late for the Zombie Apocalypse“). The thundering echo that accompanies the group’s harder-hitting moments suggests what might have happened if Jawbox recorded in a haunted house and kept the creaking floorboards in the final mix. Which isn’t to say that the whole album is a creepshow, as the band skillfully juxtaposes moments of bombast with some downtempo instrumentals and guitar noodling.

The Fordists are set to head out on a national tour for most of July, just after their record comes out, and will join up with local new old emo act and buddy band Monument for part of the trek. They’ve also scheduled a local record-release show for the end of August at St. Stephen’s Church in Columbia Heights.